Purna Matsyendrasana Benefits and Steps

What is Purna Matsyendrasana | Full Spinal Twist Pose

You have already practiced “Ardha Matsyendrasana“. The full matsis is the seat of Nathpanthi guru Yogi Mosquito. They used to sit on the same pedestal and practice, so it is called ‘Purna Matsyendrasana’.

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Purna Matsyendrasana Benefits

  • This posture makes the bones of the spine, thighs and knees strong and flexible. It benefits all the muscles of the body.
  • It increases the force, semen, sperm by removing the disease, sexual dysfunction, constipation, etc.
  • This posture benefits women in menstruation.
  • Meditation in this posture gives immense energy and increases the cycle and the body is the same.

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Purna Matsyendrasana Steps

First of all, you can spread the legs to the front by laying a carpet or blanket on the ground. Bend your right leg with the knee and place it over the left thigh. The foot and left thigh should be ticking in the original.

Now erect the left knee and move the foot from the top of the right knee and give the whole leg to the ground. Now hold the left foot by bringing the right hand over the left knee. Place the left hand on the back side of the back, keep it straight, move the neck to the left shoulder.

After a few moments of stay in this situation, come to the previous position. After some time rest, then start the action from the other side. This posture is a little difficult, but it will be easy to practice this posture gradually only after the Ardha Matsyendrasana is fully practiced.

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In this posture, the right foot is folded into the stage of Padmaasan and placed on the thigh of the left foot.

Time of Purna Matsyendrasana

This posture can be initially up to once a day and five times later. Count as one from both sides.

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