Vastu Tips: North West Kitchen as Per Vastu

Vastu Tips: North West Kitchen as Per Vastu:-Vaastu is the ancient creation texts of India. Within this, the rules and directions for building, building, etc. have been enforced.

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If you’re asked which is that the favorite corner of your mother, wife, sister or sister within the house, the solution are going to be kitchen. Kitchen is a crucial part in every house. But even then, repeatedly he’s taken care of while constructing the kitchen. Vastu here means ignoring Vaastu. Many things are taken care of while constructing the kitchen, such very small things just like the kitchen floor also are taken care of.

Within Vastu, there are a total of ten directions in combination with the sky and the ocean. Four major directions – North, South, East and West, Four Insights – Northeast, southeast, southwest and Northwestern. The middle part of the direction is called Insights. All these directions have their own distinct significance inside the Vastu.

Kitchen Vaastu –North West Kitchen as Per Vastu

Vastu, many things become important and special while constructing the kitchen and it’s also important to implement them. In this, first the proper place is chosen for the kitchen and therefore the stove. then it’s also important to require care of the proper direction and place for the doors and windows. along side this, it’s vital to have kitchen stove, gas cylinder, sink, fridge and other electronic gadgets within the right place.

Kitchen Vaastu -North West Kitchen as Per Vastu

1. According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen should be in the southeast of the plot, again in the southeast of the kitchen. If you look outside the kitchen, do not see the fire of the stove.

2.While preparing food, it is best to face the east direction. This direction is considered to be the most important.

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3. According to Vastu Shastra, do not keep the worship house on the sink or the stove.

4. The kitchen should not be in the Northeast(Ishan Kon) in any aspect, the condition of the kitchen is not considered to be good in the official angle. Drinking water should be arranged in the north of the kitchen.

5. Do not keep the electronic material in the direction of the southeast or the south wall, do not keep the water near the electronic goods. Take pictures of Annapurna Mata in the kitchen.

6. It is better to keep the sink in the North West direction.

7. Black granite should not be used in the kitchenIn their place, green maroon or white colored stones can be used.

8. If a refrigerator is kept within the kitchen, it can be kept in North-West.

9. It should be tried that the sink and also the stove aren’t on the same platform.

10. Take care that there’s no stove under the window.

11. Any sort of shelf above the stove is also not considered appropriate.

12.Blue or sky color should be avoided on the walls of the kitchen.

13. On the one hand, attempt to confirm that the door isn’t right behind your back, due to this, you’ll have problems with turning repeatedly

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