treatment of arthritis, knee pain treatment

Home remedies of knee pain Friends, we are going to tell you all the information about the home remedies of joint pain today, many people complain about it and this pain is unbearable pain due to knee pain which is also considered The diseases of the people are standing and if somebody has this pain, then his life becomes unusually useless, due to this, neither do we sleep or sleep nor do we sit like this In the person is completely dependent on others and can not do any work properly.

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There are many reasons for having a knee pain such as aging, joint rupture of absence of calcium, lack of lubrication in the joint, knee, etc., due to many reasons there may be pain of attachment and on time Treatment is very important otherwise these diseases increase day by day, and many times people do not get rid of this disease even after getting joint pain medication, and it is a disease which can return many times even after the operation. In such a way, this pain can be eliminated with heavy and domestic Ayurvedic remedies.

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treatment of arthritis, knee pain treatment


Turmeric milk is a major contributor to Ayurveda and it has great significance. Milk is helpful in eliminating many diseases, and with the addition of knee and knee pain, turmeric milk is considered the best. Add 250 grams of milk to one-fourth of the turmeric and consume it, in one month you will begin to see the effect and the pain of your knees will be cured.

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Fenugreek is usually found in all houses and it is also used in many ways and you can also treat it like ayurvedic medicines. Fenugreek has been considered as the most useful for stomach pain and also for joint pain. You can use fenugreek for this, you eat little fenugreek seeds every day or eat fenugreek powder with water and milk, it will soon get rid of the pain of your addiction knee pain.


We use Garlic for making vegetables daily and you can use garlic for the treatment of your addiction and knees. For this, mix 250 grams of milk in 2-3 grams of garlic and add it to your knees. Will get relief in pain.

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Walnut is usually used in the worship text and nut is also very good in taste and you can use it to relax in the pain of your joint. For the pain of attachment, you can eat 10-15 green walnuts every night Soak soaked in water and take it in the morning empty stomach, you will get relief in knee pain in just a few days and add to the regular use of 2 months, the pain of the addiction ends.


You must know Jamun and use of berries can also be eradicated from the disease like rheumatism. For this, you boil the bark of any berries and make a paste, apply it on a painful place, it will hurt your knee And if you have a complaint of arthritis, then regular use of it can lead to rheumatoid arthritis.


To get relief in the pain of joints and knees, water has a huge contribution and is the easiest and simplest way to get rid of your joint and knee pain forever, for this you need at least 5 liters of water Drink becomes more urine and uric acid is excreted with urine, which provides comfort in knee pain.


MUSTARD oil is used for making vegetables and by its proper use, you can also make effective medicines to remove the pain of knee and joints, for that you take a little bit of Saraso oil and get 4-5 garlic buds Make a good cook and massage it when it gets cooled, it will cure your addiction.


Sesame oil is also commonly used for eating, and with the help of this oil, you can also add pain medicines. For this, add black pepper to sesame oil and cook it and cook till then Do not burn black pepper, then fill that oil with a bottle and massage a daily light on the painful place, it will give you instant relief from the pain of attachment.


The most effective and best method for the pair and knees is olive oil and the doctor also recommends its use; Its use provides relief in the pain of attachment. For this, you should massage daily with a light hand on the painful place. Will get relief in pain.


Yoga is essential for people of all ages and it can be avoided by many types of diseases, if you have pain, then you try to do yoga for 15-20 minutes each day, it gives you flexibility in your bones and your add And the pain of knee pain is relaxed and by doing yoga every day, you will never add to the future and complain of knee pain.

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