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What is  Shukasana

The position of the seeker in this asana is similar to the way a parrot is sitting, so it is called ‘Shukasan’ .

This posture strengthens the grip of the hand claws. The muscles of the fingers, toes and hands are strengthened and they develop greater load-carrying capacity. By increasing the flexibility of the spine, its endurance is developed.

Shukasana steps

Put both heels and paws together and sit in such a way that the knees meet and join the chest. The burden of the body should be on the toes.

Now bring both hands down with swinging arms. Keep the palms of the fingers spread with the fingers of both hands fully spread on the ground.

Now keep it close to the feet. Pull deep breath in and stop inside and do Kumbhak.

In the same position, while keeping the balance of body weight on the palms of the hands, lift your back and feet up in the air while keeping the heels at the buttocks as close as possible.

When the breath can not be stopped inside, then round the lips and whistle like a parrot in a whistling sound and bring the body down again. This is the absolute position of the shuk asana.

Note:- Opening both the palms of the hands and the feet of the feet should sit as per the picture. The palms of both hands should be open. The feet should sit in such a way that the heels of the feet go through the base. Both knees are joined.

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