What is Santolanasana Yoga

What is Santolanasana Yoga

The balance of the whole body is maintained on the heel of one foot from this posture, so it is called Santolanasana.

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Benefits of Santolanasana

  • The practice of this posture reinforces the inner components from the anus to the guptendicity. There is no involuntary ejaculation due to pressure on semen tubes.
  • This posture is a distant disease of utopia and perishability.
  • This activates the internal flow of the kamendras.
  • This posture is very beneficial for Moderate life.

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Santolanasana Steps

Sit on the heel of the right foot in such a way that it holds the middle part of the anus and genitals. Keep the weight of the body on the toes, especially on the ends. Place the left foot above the right thigh in such a way that it remains near the knees.

Then balance yourself. In the beginning, the wall, chair, etc., can also be resorted to in difficulty. Now put the hands over the buttocks and stop breathing for as long as possible. Then slowly breathe and release.

Keep a vision at a white or black point equal to the height of your eyes. When you are in this situation, put your attention in God and mind. Should continue to concentrate.


For a man with a heavy body, this practice remains difficult. They start swinging behind or side by side, but they can also succeed after a few days of regular practice.

This posture is not feminine. Are only for men. So women do not do this posture.

Keep practicing postures on it, even if it takes several days to maintain balance.

Time to Santolanasana

After adopting the posture posture, stay in it for one minute, repeat it three times.

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