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Today donating blood is becoming necessary for several reasons. With this, not only are you able to give new life to others, but when the time comes, you furthermore may fulfill the necessity of blood for yourself. many of us need to face problems like revolving or vomiting after donating blood. thanks to which some people believe that after this there’s a lot of weakness within the body. But after donating the blood, it’s formed again in 21 days. If you would like to clear a number of your misconceptions about donating blood, then definitely read these tips…

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According to the world Health Organization, most healthy people donate blood.

People donate blood everywhere within the world. Awareness is spread among people to donate blood and more and more people are encouraged to donate blood.

By the way, many rules are followed for blood donation. But there are many myths and half-incomplete truths associated with it among people, which they need been following.

After blood donation, keep taking heavy diet every 3 hours. Eat nutritious food and eat more and more fruits.

Often blood donors are given some snacks after blood donation, like juice, chips, etc., don’t refrain from consuming and eating them.

If you’re thinking of donating blood then stop smoking each day before that. Smoke only after 3 hours of blood donation.

If you’ve got consumed alcohol 48 hours before blood donation, then you can’t donate blood.

After blood donation if you retain taking liquids and healthy diet then you’ll not feel weakness.

After blood donation, you’ll get back to your normal routine provided you are doing not do heavy exercises till 12 hours then don’t walk immediately after giving blood, let the blood circulation within the body become normal.

Blood donation doesn’t mean that there’ll be a lack of blood in your body, but you’ll get the donated blood again during a few days. you’ll not have any kind of pain during blood donation.

After blood donation neither you’ll come around nor will you faint. this is often a common misconception that always
occurs in people . Also, there’s no possibility of getting AIDS after this.

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Risk activities

The World Health Organization has placed some activities of humans in high risk category in terms of blood donation. a number of these risks may prevent you from donating blood.

The WHO has placed sex workers and men who have sex with one another during this category.

While donating blood, confine mind that the injection utilized in it shouldn’t be used again.

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Will blood donation kill blood within the body?

It is also a misconception that blood donation will end blood within the body.

An average human body has about five liters of blood. However, it also depends on the weight . At an equivalent time, about 450 ml of blood is extracted from your body during blood donation and a healthy person regenerates this much blood in 24 to 48 hours.

In America, you’ll donate blood 12 times a year, ie once every four weeks, while if you mention donating platelets, you’ll do it up to 24 times a year.

According to NACO, in India, men can donate blood once in three months and women in four months.

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You are eligible to donate blood:

1. If you’re fully healthy

2. Your weight should be a minimum of 50 kg and maximum 160 kg

3. you want to be 18 to 66 years old (depends on the rule of various countries)

4. don’t become pregnant nor breastfeed

5. there’s no history associated with HIV

Can not donate blood if sick, pregnant

This is absolutely true. people that are found positive for HIV (AIDS virus), hepatitis, syphilis, tuberculosis also cannot donate blood.

You have to be free from any quite infection 14 days before donating blood and if you’re taking any special medicines, then it’s vital to finish the course of medicines seven days before donating blood.

The rules related to medicines depend upon each country.

If you’re pregnant, breast feeding or have just born to a baby or have recently undergone then you’ll got to await some time to get an iron check before donating blood.

According to the National AIDS Control Organization NACO, a department run under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, this point limit is 12 months just Or Add your own word:USEClick on original word (above) to restore.Click on any alternate word to replace.Click on Cross icon to close it.“> just in case of pregnancy and 6 months in case of abortion.

Menstruation also doesn’t create any hindrance in donating blood.

According to NACO, the minimum age to donate blood in India is eighteen years. By the way, this age is different in several countries, like, in America, the initial age of blood donation is 16 years.

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What happens once you donate blood?

Have you ever donated blood? If yes, it’s a really good thing. If you think that that donating blood features a side effect then you’re during a very misunderstanding. Actually, there are many misconceptions among people, thanks to which individuals avoid donating blood. Today on 14 June i.e. donor Day, today we are getting to tell you about those misconceptions, thanks to which people avoid donating blood while it can save someone’s life.

This year’s WHO slogan on World blood donor Day – ‘Be there for somebody , give blood, share life.’ the aim of this slogan is to emphasize blood donation.

Let us know on the occasion of Blood Donation Day, what should be kept in mind while donating blood and what are its benefits.

Advantages of blood donation

Donating blood features a good effect on the liver. Liver function depends on iron metabolism. Blood donation keeps the quantity of iron within the body right and prevents liver damage. Therefore, regular blood donation also reduces the danger of cancer of the liver .

Weighs less

Donating blood can reduce 650-700 kcal. Because weight gain is thanks to calories, and if calories are reduced then weight also will be reduced. Although blood donation should be done just one occasion in 3 months, this is often the safe method.

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Cholesterol and BP remain on top of things

Blood donation keeps cholesterol and blood pressure in check . It burns more calories and fat and creates new cells.

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Factors associated with blood group

The O + blood type may be a quite common blood group that’s easily found. One out of each three people has a blood group O +.

At an equivalent time, O negative blood group belongs to at least one of the 15 people. Most O blood groups are required.

A positive blood group belongs to at least one person from 3 people, while A negative blood group belongs to at least one of 16 people.

B positive is found in one person out of each 12, while B negative may be a blood group of 1 person out of 67.

AB positive features a blood type of 1 in every 29, while AB negative blood type is that the most rare blood groupit’s one amongst 167 blood groups.

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