Garbhasana | How to do Garbhasana | The foetus pose

How to do Garbhasana(Fetus Pose)-This article explains the benefits of Garbhasanay, benefits and caution while doing this posture.

The name Garbhasana comes from Sanskrit language. Where ‘ Garbhas‘ means embryo and asanas means yoga mudra. When you do this posture, your body looks like the size of an embryo(Fetus). So, this posture has been given this name. In the mother’s Fetus, a child is free from all worries and the mind is calm. So during this posture, the person only thinks that he can give mental peace.

Garbhasana (Fetus Pose) balances the yoga posture as well as being a posture, in this posture you have to balance your body weight on the buttocks. Before discussing the benefits of pregnancy, let us know how to do Garbhasana(Fetus Pose).

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What is Garbhasana

Garbhasana(Fetus Pose) means cob. In this posture, the posture of the person’s body is similar to that of the baby in the womb, so this posture is called “Garbhasana“. This posture is very beneficial in terms of health, mainly it is more important for women. Garbhasana helps to increase energy in the body and therefore it should be included in yoga.

Garbhasana(Fetus Pose) Steps

Garbhasana Steps

Here is the simplest way to do this posture. You can do it by following the easy-to-do method.

Sit on it and spread both legs to the front. Now come in the currency of Padmaasana.

Then, like a poultry, remove both hands from the middle of the legs and the bend of the thighs. Gradually bend the kumas inside and the thighs up.

When both elbows get out, put the hands on both cheeks and sit in the enclosed picture and keep breathing naturally.

After stopping at this stage at this stage, come to the previous stage and rest the body and the action can be doubled after rest.

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By making padmaasana currency in this posture, remove both hands from the middle of the legs and touch the cheeks. Caution should be exercised while removing the hands from the middle of the thighs, the legs. The practice should always be done gradually.

The mouth should be kept on the east side while doing the posture. The anson should be applied until the experience of extra fatigue is started. Before this posture, the practice of Padmaasan and Poultry should be done well.

Time Duration

Initially, this posture should be 5 seconds and later for two minutes.

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Garbhasana(Fetus Pose) precautions

Some precautions are required to be taken while pregnant:

  • The pregnant woman should not do these postures.
  • Even those who have knee pain should not do this posture.
  • This posture should be avoided by having groin pain.
  • This easy can be done in the right way through continuous practice.
  • This posture should be practiced by those who can easily padmaasan.
  • In case of migraine, insomnia or low blood pressure should be avoided by this posture.

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Begainner Tips

  1. When practicing this asana for the first time, trapping the hands in the calf muscles can be painful.
  2. To make this posture, one should practice kukutasana and tulasana for the first 2 to 3 weeks.
  3. Only practice pregnancy when your body is fully balanced and ready.
  4. In the beginning, balance cannot be achieved while lifting the legs up, so you can practice it with the help of the wall until the balance is reached.
  5. If the hands are unable to reach the ears while doing the practice, then practice the asana by making a salutation posture with both hands.

Some Things You Need To Know

  • It is necessary to do this asana on an empty stomach. 
  • Practicing it between Yogasatra in the morning gives miraculous results. 
  • But if you practice yoga in the evening, remember to leave 4 to 5 hours between your meals and practice.
Hope you have got the Garbhasana Steps, benefits and necessary information. Was this article helpful to you? You can give your feedback through comments. For the practice of garbhasana , patience, tolerance and regularity are necessary. By walking on these three stairs, you can reach the peak of success. If you like the article, do share it with your loving and friends.

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