10 Amazing Anjeer Benefits

Benefits of eating figs/Anjeer, article will tell that fig is a very tasty and healthy and Wealthy fruit. We use it as dry fruits after drying it. Figs are used in many diseases. If you often have stomach problems, start consuming figs from now . It is used in slicing or grinding dried fruit and eaten with sugar in milk. Its fruit jam is also made.

The dried fruit of figs contains 62% sugar while the fresh ripe fruit contains 22% sugar. Calcium and vitamins A and B are also found in it. Constipation is also overcome by taking figs. It calms the brain and removes weakness. Cough is also cured by eating it.

Figs contain carbohydrate 63 percent, protein 5.5 percent, cellulose 7.3 percent, ash 2.3 percent, lubricating one percent, mineral solute 3 percent, acid 1.2 percent and water 20.8 percent. Along with this, one fourth of about 1 gram of vitamin, iron, lime, potassium, sodium, sulfur, phosphoric acid and gum are also found in every 100 grams of figs.

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What are Anjeer ?

There are pear-shaped sweet, grainy fruits like fig bells that grow on ficus trees. His scientific name is fig , which is said to the mulberry species. they’re easy to eat either, dried or soaked. they’re found within the Middle East and West Asia and grow throughout the year. People enjoy the graceful and crisp texture of figs because it is filled with edible seeds. they need many benefits for skin, hair and health. Let’s have a glance in the least the advantages of this delicious fruit.

What are the benefits of eating figs? | Anjeer Benefits

Both fresh and dried fig fruits have a high amount of nutrients. It is very beneficial for your health. Even today, these fruits are an important part of the diet. It contains more than 28% of the fiber present in soluble form, which helps in controlling high plasma glucose levels and plasma cholesterol levels and aids in weight loss. Fig fruits have a darker color.

Fig fruits have the ability to promote health benefits due to the variety of compounds present in it. So, let’s have a look at its benefits-

1. Anemia

Figs are very high in iron and calcium, which is very beneficial in anemia. To remove blood related diseases and to increase blood, you drink 10 boiled grapes and 8 figs in 200 ml of milk.

When there is an inadequacy of iron in the body, the individual turns into the ictim of anemia. Dried figs are viewed as the fundamental wellspring of iron. Its admission expands the level of hemoglobin in the body. Eating figs can build the measure of iron in the body and the body gets fit for battling any sort of illness.

2. Constipation

Figs are high in fiber and contain about 2.5%. It is a medicinal fruit. It cures the infection of the intestines. This is because the fiber absorbs the water, increasing the amount of stool that favors the right bowel movement. Therefore it is very beneficial in treating constipation.

In the case of constipation, eat 3 to 4 ripe figs in milk and boil it before going to bed at night and drink this milk from above. There will be benefit in the problem of constipation. Apart from this, soak 4 figs at night and mash them in the morning and drink water from above, it also ends constipation.

You can use it anytime. At any time of day such as with food, as a dessert or as part of breakfast.

3. Asthma

anjeer additionally help us with protect against asthma. The utilization of anjeer gives moisture to mucus membranes inside the body and clears phlegm, which offers help to the asthma patient. anjeer battle free radicals. On the off chance that free radicals stay in the body, it can make asthma increasingly genuine.

Those who have asthma, they should take Anjeer leaves as figs give relief. These leaves are very beneficial for those who take insulin injection or pills. It contains high amount of potassium and it controls blood sugar level.

Asthma patients also do consume Anjeer and its leaves. It contains potassium which gives benefit, if you take insulin then it will keep you from it.

4. Cold

In the case of cold, boil 5 figs in water and then sieve the water. Taking hot hot morning and evening will benefit in cold.

5. Strength

Boil the peeled almonds for strength with a piece of dried Anjeer in hot water. After that, dry it and add equal amount of cardamom, saffron, granulated sugar, chironji, pistachios and almonds. Now let it lie in cow’s ghee for 7 days. Take 20 grams of this powder daily in the morning. By doing this your strength will increase.

6. Headache

Make a bark of fig tree in vinegar or water on the head and apply it on the head, it provides relief in headache .

7. Piles

Soak 3 to 4 dried figs in water at night or in the evening and mash them in the morning and eat them completely. The problem of piles will be fixed.

8. Back Pain

Grind equal quantity of fig bark, coriander and dry ginger and soak it in water. Sieve and drink that juice in the morning, there will be benefit in back pain.

9. bones

eating of anjeer Benefits is very beneficial for bones. It is often seen that despite eating nutritious food, many diseases still occur. Therefore, the best way to include the necessary vitamins and minerals in your food is to include figs in the food. Calcium is required for the growth and strengthening of bones. Azir is high in calcium. 4 to 5 figs must be eaten to strengthen bones.

Figs/Anjeer are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium, and are considered essential for maintaining strong bones. Calcium-rich its help to make bones strong, reducing the risk of bone breakdown.

10. Digestive system

Figs contain 3 to 4 grams of fiber, which is 20 percent of our needs. Figs should be consumed to cure the digestive system.

How to use Anjeer 

  • Soak 2-3 figs overnight.
  • Eat them on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Then drink the water in which they were soaked.
  • Anjeer can also be enjoyed by eating dry.

Side Effects and Precaution of Anjeer

Anjeer are absolutely natural and do not harm you in any way, but consuming them in excess can definitely cause some damage including:

  • Swelling – Because of their heavy nature, they can cause swelling and pain in the stomach.
  • Damage to liver and intestines – it can be difficult to digest which can cause liver and intestinal obstruction.
  • Calcium deficiency – The oxalates present in fig are unable to absorb calcium from the body.
  • Bleeding -it s can cause rectal and vaginal bleeding due to being warm in nature.

Reducing blood glucose – Eating more figs can decrease blood glucose levels.

After knowing the Anjeer Benefits of eating , you might not even start consuming this fruit / dry fruit. Let me tell you that this fruit is most beneficial for the stomach.

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