4 Tips For Health

Health tips 1. Drink copper water

Copper contains bacterial-killer properties and in these properties, medical sciences are also interested. In the last few years, scientists have done many experiments and have discovered that water has its own memory. So it remembers everything that touches it. Look at how to put her in a vessel.

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If you keep the water in a copper vessel for a long time, then it absorbs some of the properties of copper. So keep the water in the copper vessel and drink it.

The water in the copper vessel is considered completely pure. It has the ability to eliminate all bacteria causing diarrhea, jaundice, dysentery and other types of diseases. Drinking water from copper utensils is very good for your liver and generally for your health and strength.

Health tips 2. Do not sleep, Relax

What is the time of sleep, it depends on your lifestyle, but this thing is very important and holds the importance of how many hours of sleep you need. Most of them say that they should take eight hours of sleep a day. That’s why your body needs comfort and is not sleepy.

Many times people have seen tension while walking in the park. Such exercises will do damage to you instead of benefits because you are taking everything in such a way that some are fighting for war. Why do not you do everything with ease? Whether it is jogging or jogging, why can not it with complete fun and comfort?

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So the thing comes back to how much sleep does my body need? And it depends on what kind of physical work you do. You neither need to decide the quantity of food nor the hours of sleep There is nothing like this that I have to take so many calories, I have to take such an hour of sleep, all these things are worthless to live a life. If you are working on physical work, you eat less If you have to work more then you eat more. It is similar to sleep too. When your body gets complete comfort, it will rise whether it is at 3 in the morning or 8 Your body should not wake up on alarm bell. Once your body rests, it should wake itself. It does not only sleep but it is not easy to sleep.

Health tip 3. Fasting once in two weeks

There is one thing called ‘Mandal’ associated with the natural cycle of our body. Mandal means that in every 40 to 48 days, the body passes through a particular cycle.

There are three days in every cycle in which your body does not need food. If you become aware of the body then you will realize that there is no need to feed the body these days. On any one of these days, you can stay comfortable without eating.

It also happens in 11 to 14 days a day when you will not mind eating anything. And that day you should not eat food. You will be surprised to know that the animals also have such awareness in dogs and cats. Have you ever seen that, on a particular day, they do not eat anything? Actually, these people are also fully aware of their system. The day the system says that it does not want anything to eat today, that day becomes a day for the cleaning of the body for them and on that day they do not eat anything. Now there is not so much awareness in you that you can recognize those special days. So what did he do to fix the problem of this Ekadashi day itself? If you see, once every 14 days comes to Ekadashi according to Hindi months. It means that every 14 days you can eat without eating one day.

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One more thing to meditate, if you have the frequent habit of drinking tea and coffee and you have to fast, you will suffer a lot. To avoid this problem and to keep fast, firstly improve your eating habits. First, put a habit of eating the right way, then think of fasting. If you try to stop eating excessively, it will harm your body. There is one thing very important that there should not be any force in any situation.

Health tip 4.Sit back and sit straight

You can also habituate your muscles to stay in comfort while keeping your spine straight. When your muscles are shaky, then you can not keep your limbs in comfort. Keeping the spine straight for rest, our body structure and the muscle relax remain in rest. No more way besides this.

Being in the comfort of inner organs is of particular importance. There are many aspects to it. At the moment we are considering only one aspect of it. These organs can get the most comfort only when you put a habit of keeping your spine straight and sit.

According to modern ideas, rest is meant to be backed up or downstream. But by sitting like this, body parts can never be comforted.

We eat food and sit on the lighthouse but on sitting in this position, the limbs can not work as much as they should. Nowadays, many trips are in the armchair. When we sit in a comfortable seat in the car and run a 1000km then we lose at least three to five months of our life. Because of continuous sitting in such a posture, there is a great effect on your organs that The power of working decreases and they become very weak. Therefore, it is necessary that we prepare our body in such a way that keeping the spine straight, our body structure and muscles remain in the rest position.

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